Accessibility/inclusion for blind users


My name is Christina and I have just started working with JISC Netskills at Newcastle University, I have joined the admin team who work with the BB Collab system and deal with the enquiries as well. Last week I received an email asking for advice on how to adapt sessions to work for a blind user as he was finding the sessions inaccessible. I suggested using a screen reader (as well as using the activity window in any recorded sessions) but was not sure what else to suggest. I have looked at the BB support site and that seems to be the only advice they offer, I was wondering if there is anyone else who has experienced this issue and if there are any tips they picked up? How did you moderate such a session?

Many thanks :)

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  • Hi Christina,

    You will want to keep JAWS focused on the Activity Window so that the user is blind can hear all the activity in the session.  There are 3 customization options in the top right of that Activity Window that will blind (or any) users to customize exactly what they want to hear (and see).


    Happy collaborating!

  • Hello Christina,

     We tested this with the BbCollaborate predecessor Elluminate, using the JAWS screen reader and the Java Access Bridge. It worked but there are sections within the Java application that the screen reader cannot access, not least the whiteboards and parts of the text chat, so the moderator would need to be practised in presenting to students with any form of sight impairment.  We still use Elluminate V10 so have not yet tested this for BbCollaborate.



    PS: Not often I see content here from the UK nevermind so close to home.

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