appsharing not recorded


I was wondering if anyone had this problem. I did a session recently and did some appsharing but when I listened to the recording, lo and behold, nothing was on the screen. I wonder why?


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  • We recently switched to V11 and I have had a couple problems including Web Tour and AppShare not working properly and the fix seemed to be to clear my computer's Java cache.  You can do this by searching for the guide here:

    I got this tip from Sherry Goddard, one of the wonderful Bb collab. trainers, who recently trained us.  She says she often clears her cache every couple weeks.

    • Really appreciate you sharing that, Ric. 

      Mike--let us know if this works.

  • I have recorded app share several times in the last week, so it must not be a widespread issue.

    What were you application sharing? Maybe it had something to do with the specific software being shared? If it is something others here have too, we can test it to see if the same thing happens.

  • I just did a short 60 second test of app sharing and recording, and it worked for me.  I'm using Collaborate 11. 

  • I don't do a lot of app sharing, so I don't remember the last time I would have recorded this and tested it.  Later today I will do a 5 minute recording just with myself to see what happens.

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