Deleting Blackboard Collaborate Recordings


I'm new and I joined to help improve our use of Blackboard Collaborate and because I am having problems finding the answer to my question.


We use Blackboard Collaborate V-Class and we have some recordings that we need to delete but are unable to do so.  There doesn't appear to be any option to do so. I've attached a copy of the screen. 


Does anyone know how I can delete any of these please?


Thank you.






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  • If you have a Blackboard integration, Don't delete anything in SAS!!!

    If you do so, you get an error message in Bb, which prevents you to use Bbcollab campuswide!!!.

    Only if you do not use the Bb integration (SAS only users) can delete recordings by an admin.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Christina is right to point to the SAS administrator responsible for your session. Enterprise installations of Collaborate include an SAS admin account for self-management of sessions. your Blackboard Collaborate V-Class is a single session managed by Blackboard Collaborate support staff. They will do it upon request.

    • Goto 
    • Login to your support account using the maill address of your V-Class contract 
    • Submit a support ticket,  choose Blackboard Collaborate WebConferencing
    • Requesting deletion of recordings. You should make _very_ clear which recordings are to be wiped ;-) 
    • A Blackboard Collaborate support tickets allows to attach a file

    Hope that helps


  • Above my pay grade... sorry!  I just don't know.  

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