Digital Citizenship and Responsibility in E-world

I am teaching in secondary school at Beaconhouse School System. Learners at my school are using technology since primary i.e. age 8. But still they do not abide by the ethics and netiquettes desired for appropriate technology use. Plagirasim (not mentioning sources), password theft, harsh and rude comments at blogs, deleting and tempering files, hacking accounts and deleting others work on interactive forums like mindomo is reported by teachers. What should be done to avoid it, change it and inculcate sense respect and responsibility?

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  • Let the students come up with the rules and the consequences.  I'll be you'd see a dramatic shift.

  • Is it possible to have a rubric or have points in the syllabus about dishonestly in class and "netiquettes" in class?

    Does your school have any overall policies about this that you as a teacher could expand on? I will check at my school and see if I have something you could use as a sample.

    Patricia Moak

    • My institution has give IT practices and procedure manual but is not updated and mostly contain information as how to create account, password. I will share with my school administration if you send a sample to me.

  • :)  I'm going to make another site referral:  You'll find a lot of good discussion on this kind of thing.

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