• I am just getting my blackboard set up. I am not sure how much I will be using it. My school district is on a kick about online stuff and flipping the classroom. I would love to have someone from another state to share info with when we do research. I do teach high school biology and environmental science. We are about to start the chemistry unit then move into cells. I am in the process of moving my slide shows to pdf's to use my iPad as a whiteboard in the class room. I hope it is not too late to share info with you. I would love to be in your bio group if you have room.
    • I think you will love online tools for your class. I have all of my lecture quizzes and exams set up and the computer scores them. All I have to grade are the labs. That is really helpful considering I have 140 biology students in the live, online course option and another 143 that opted for the at-your-own-pace option. I also teach chemistry with about half again as many students as biology and 5th grade classes. It wouldn't be doable without the help of the computer to grade the student's quizzes and exams. The at-your-own-pace students use the recordings and do not attend the classes live time. The live, online students also have recordings if they need them such as when the families take vacations and they need to catch up a module. The biology class runs year-round with rolling admissions for biology. Students can jump in at almost any module we are on. Until I can set you up with more resources, here is a great set of resources for your cell unit - THat is the page for the parents to give them a heads up about what we will be studying and to provide links to funn resources that the students may want to access for more than just the class time. Take special not of the Inner Life of a Cell video and the CellCraft game link. Your students will love those.

  • Hi again, Joe. I just realized that you shared a Power Point in your post as an attachment. Thanks for sharing. I will have to watch for the Ning attachments now that I realize they are posted a bit below the posts. I love the Skywalker reference in your Power Point opening slide. :0)

  • I am guessing you teach biology. How about a group for biology teachers? I can set one up in the site's groups section if you are not sure how.

    • I set a group up called Online Biology. Feel free to click on the groups tab up in the navigation bar at the Ning site and join on in to the group.

  • Hi Joe. We are on genetics as well. I have a nice wbd set on Mendel and his research that I cans share with you. I also have a fun lab set based upon the activity called Baby Boom. There is also a group activity based upon the HHMI microarray lab interactive. I have mu upstream bandwidth stretched pretty thin with getting some algebra files into a shared OneNOte in SkyDrive right now, so I will wait to see if you are interested before setting it as the next upload set on the list. Just post you want the files - You need Collaborate to make use of them. Oh! I have a game day set too!

  • Joe:

    If you're using WeCollaborate for class resource sharing and announcements, it might be best for you to start a group here for this purpose.  Click on "groups" above and "add" a group, then your members can congregate and hold conversations there!



    • Steve,

      Thanks for the tip.  I am new to the process.



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