Initiating Non-Native English Speakers

I am new here and indeed to Blackboard Collaborate so please forgive me if I commit a forum faux pas.

My query is this.....

I would like to start hosting my English lessons to Japanese students through Blackboard but I am unsure if the initiating process would be to difficult for them to understand.

Once we were all on the same screen it would be great but to get them to that point would be a problem.

Is there a compatible Japanese version to help us all arrive at the same place successfully ?

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  • Hi Brian,

    The following Support Portal entry suggested that Elluminate Live! versions 9.5 through 9.7 were translated, and explained how to activate regional language options on a Windows XP system.

    What operating system are you and your students going to be using?
    • Hi Paul,


      I have no idea what the students will be using. It may vary from student to student. I will be using Windows Vista.



  • I don't know if there is a Japanese version, but my understanding is that Collaborate starts in whatever e default language is of the version the operating system of the user's computer.  Have you got a computer you could test on, or could you ask a student to start a session and to tell you if the menu structure is in Japanese?

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