r.e. Language project for young language learners


Music has been shown to have a very positive impact on language learning and the EU Comenius, FolkDC project utilizes this perfectly.

Resource for Teachers

The project has prepared an autonomous teacher kit that can be used to motivate and engage early language learners. The kit is available on the project website at: http://folkdc.eu/resources/


The kit consists of:

Full teacher guides explaining how to use the project

European folk songs in 10 languages (20 songs in all)

The transcribed lyrics and recordings of the songs

A set of activities around the songs that focus on:

  • Languages
  • Music
  • Culture

Self –assessment form (please ensure to complete)


The teacher kit has been piloted in schools across Europe with excellent results.


The purpose of the project is to motivate young learners to appreciate European languages and culture, to enjoy singing and how interesting learning can be.


Live Concert

At the end of the project simultaneous live concerts will be help in 5 European countries (UK, Turkey Finland, Romania and Spain) that will be linked on the Internet on 23 April 2013. Your school can book a place to watch the concert online or even attend in person. Please write to me for more details.


If you have any questions or need help using the teacher kit please also write to me.


Joel Josephson

Folk DC dissemination partner.


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