Multiple Video Users

Does anyone know if it is possible to switch videos away from the initial 6 when a classroom may have more than 6 participants?  If so, is this something the moderator must do?  Is there a dynamic capability to follow a speaker if they have their camera enabled even if they are not one of the 6 active video streams?

Thanks, Mary

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  • Hi Mary,

    You will want to manage the webcam permissions for each of the participants who you want to share their webcam.  If you have 12 participants and you want 6 specific participants to share their webcam then make sure those 6 have webcam permission and the other 6 don't.  These permissions can be managed by moderators by right clicking on the individual names.  Video follows speaker will only show the speaker whose webcam is enabled.  Therefore that moderator MUST be one of the 6 webcam being shown.


    Hope this helps!  Happy collaborating.

  • The moderator can turn off the video capability of anyone, so that would include the initial six.  Those individuals can also turn of their video themselves, also freeing up for others.  There is a setting available to moderators to have the video "follow" whoever is speaking, but it will not turn on the video of someone whose video is not already on.  Hope that helps!

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