Resources are added pretty frequently to these Moodle courses, so I thought that I would start a thread where I can post announcements and descriptions of resources for Collaborate that are added. Feel free to contribute resources as well. 

Collaborate for Teachers


How: Feel free to use the guest access option. No need to register

What: This course page houses links to and internal tutorials for the use of Elluminate/Collaborate for teaching. If you would like a copy of this course for your own Moodle let me know and I can get a copy to you. I can also get a Moodle ver. 1.9 glossary copy to you that You can also set up on your home page and set to display throughout your Moodle for student Tool-Tips for Collaborate. Once we move to Moodle 2, I will be able to provide a copy for that version as well if the glossary tool still can be set up to send to all courses in Moodle 2.

Collaborate wbd Resources


How: Feel free to use the guest access option. No need to register

What: Resources specifically for creating interactive wbd slides are located in this course page as well as there being several downloadable wbd templates and complete presentations, and image sets.

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  • New in the Collaborate wbd Resources course:

    I just added a new review game template. This one has the theme of fossils. Instructions on how to use the theme is in the course page in the section for Review Game Templates. If you have used any of the review game templates that I shared in the LearnCentral wbd Warehouse group (LC is now closed), then you already know how to use this one. It is the same type of game template. (image credits: Kim Kraeer, Lucy Van Essen-Fisherman, and Tracey Saxby)


  • OK, now for announcing the new additions that are now in place. Check back in this thread for future announcements of additions.

    New in the Collaborate for Teachers course:

    Mac users, have ever wished you could mix your mic/voice with sounds from applications? We now have a Collaborate recording that shows you how to do just that. You can use this set up to mix sound effects in while you are presenting or to get application sounds while app sharing. Just look for Blending Audio Input under the Special Tutorials section in block 1. In addition to the Collaborate recording, there is also a summary table and a graphic to give you a good big picture view of how the sound is being routed.

    PC users, don't despair, Take a look at the recording about Input devices (Pen tablets and audio) listed in the section just above the one for Mac's.

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