Newbie questions

Hi there,

I'm new to collaborate and really just trying it our before deciding which plan to go for. May I ask a few questions?

1. After the trial period can I continue to run a limited Vclass? If so what are the limitations?

2. With the Vclass licensing option,what administrative facilities do I have? Can I schedule classes on different subjects with links to each class?

3. Can I have preloaded content for different class subjects or do I have to go for a more expensive package? 

4. Can the room appearance be customized in anyway to match our company identity.

I think I know the answer to some of the above questions but just thought I'd ask in case I've got it wrong.


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  • I can jump in for 3 - We have vClass level. Collaborate does have a preloaded slide that will be there when the first person arrives, but you don't have any control over it. The one we see right now is quite dated. It was the announcement that Collaborate 11 would be loaded into the classroom in July. That was a half a year ago and that event has long since come and gone. I am usually the first one to arrive in the mornings, so I generally have our own welcome slides loaded up before we get many students coming in for the first class.

    For 4, the chrome for Collaborate is quite neutral making what you place on the whiteboard screen really be what they snap to. Put that to good use for company branding and you will find it will work quite well. You can even set it so that web tour is on and when people arrive (so long as a moderator gets there forst and loads it), they can interact with a webpage that you can set up. That gives you lots of potential interaction from text, images, sound, video, and interactivity.

  • Will:

    These questions are a little beyond my capability, so I'm going to forward the link to this discussion to someone who will know.  In the meantime, I'll say that I think that:

    1.  After the trial period, you can use continue to use your room but it converts to a "vRoom," which means you can only have three people attend the room and the recording function will not work.  However, the room stays free as a vRoom.

    2.  I think a vClass room is just a single room, so you could schedule different classes at different times, but they will take place in the same room with the same links.  

    3.  I'm not sure about how pre-loaded content works in a vClass.

    4.  There is no way to customize Collaborate, but you can accomplish much of the effect I think you are looking for through whiteboard slides that draw from your company identity, and since the whiteboard is the major component of a Collaborate session, might well give you the outcome you are looking for.

    • Thanks for the reply Steve.

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