Dear all, I help run an online program at an educational institution. I would like to block access for participants who have completed the program to the recordings. Is there anyway that you can add a password for people to view the recordings? Or might there be a way to deactivate but not delete the recordings?

Thanks for any advice you can offer on these questions or any strategies you have used for similar situations!

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  • Hi Philip,

    I´m not sure what kind of Collaborate you´re using at your institution. Is it an old fashioned v-License (vOffice, vClass, ModAccess contract) or a new flat-fee contract enabling you to open arbitrarily rooms on Collaborate´s US-SAS ?

    Using a vSpace, you got a recording table link togther with the access code for moderator and guest. I strongly suggest to keep this table access as a secret. If you publish it for your participants, they will be enabled to pick all recordings you ever made in this room. Use this table internally and provide participants with appropriate recording links after they have been authenticated on your organization´s membership instance (LMS or similar).

    For those having published the total recording table to all students, there is no safe way to re-hide it except this nasty workaround:

    Offload all recordings to be restricted from Collaborate serever and provide them yourself as so-called "unplugged recordings" This works by use of Publish!  Collaborate´s free postprocessing application. See Publish User Manual

    After you did backup all your recordings, you may order the deletion of those recordings through at Collaborate Support.

    I currently see no alternatives, after Collaborate decided to stop offering new v-Licenses. In the past, one was able to hide a recording table by raising a new "v" contract instead of renewing the old one. This was practical, because all recordings of vSpaces do remain even after contracts finished.To be honest, I actually not sure how long vSpace recordings will stay in the future.

    If you have SAS login group to manage arbitrary Collaborate rooms for your institution, you man restrict any recording to users having a valid account on SAS. You may restrict recordings to be accessible only for participants having an account on SAS and being enrolled in that particular course. A similar restriction processing is possible by integration of your institution´s learning management system (LMS). g. If your student is enrolled in a course on your Moodle system, where a Collaborate Activity was ongoing to produce a recording, this student gets access to that particular recording automagically after login into Moodle.

    Hope that helps.


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