PowerPoint Animation

Most of us, I suppose, make a PowerPoint show and upload it for the "live" class in Collaborate.  That's all well and good but one big limitation is the inability to use animation.  As we all know, there are times when it is much more pedagogically sound to reveal information "line by line" and not all at once.  Other than make a million (ok, slight exaggeration) slides, does anyone have an idea how to animate?  Thanks!

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  • Same issue like slide animation to PDF handouts :-)

    My workaround is to automate this ugly process by pptSplit, which generates static slides. To stramline the process (as I often have to generate a PDF handout anyway), I use the Plan! tool to upload thee PDF directly into the whiteboard.

    Not ideal, I know.

    The alternative is to show animation by screen sharing with the bandwidth-reducing trick:

    Use a second display, flip primary and secondary screen (i use Windows). As Collaborate limits screen sharing to the primary screen, this flip enables me to share at lower resolution. However, this will not work under low-bandwidth conditions...

    Any more ideas?


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