Problem uploading PPT


I wonder if someone could help with the following.

When I try to upload a PP presentation to the whiteboard I get a message that says that the .PPT or PPTX is a not recognized file type.

I have run the the Microsoft tool to see if the installation had problems, but it found none.

I have no problem uploading videos.

Thank you


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  • Are you using Elluminate 10 or Collaborate 11?  What menu action are you using to upload the slides?

    And just making sure:  do you have PowerPoint loaded on your computer?  

    I'm not sure what is happening, but I do know that there is better slide reproduction if I export the slides to image files first, then import the image files.  Doing this might also provide you with a solution for your problem if you can't figure out what else is wrong.

    • Hi Eduardo,

      Hints on ppt, pptx upload:

      • Powerpoint must be installed in a version appropriate to the file format (say:for pptx files PPT 2007 or higher is required). 
      • Powerpoint must be closed during the loading, as the Java converter requires exclusive access 
      • The conversion produces a static bitmap (background) image per slide.

      Preparing for online presentations, I generally suggest to

      • strip animation and soundeffects from presentations to minimize error sources.
      • reduce image size externally before importing into Powerpoint (it is not wise to load 12 Megapixel digital foto into Powerpoint with a 10% Size reduction setting)
      • Interactive elements (Links, animated objects) should be stripped also and
        added later by using Bcollaborate´s great object oriented whiteboard toolset.

      Further troubleshooting hints:

      • Blackboard limits the total size used for conversion. It is often not clear if a load job hits that limit. An easy way to find out is to split a longer presentation into smaller pieces.
      • Local Java ressource settings on your computer may also restrict capabilities to handle larger files. Blackboard support may advise you how to increase the memory ressources of your local Java installation.

      Hope that helps


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