Squid Java Login

I had this problem before, and couldn't login to Blackboard.  I get prompted for the following:

what is the User name and Password?



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  • Hi Jeff,

    your Collaborate Java Client needs to connect to the service using your network´s Internet access. In a basic network configuration, Java is enabled to connect directly.

    Corporate networks often disallow a direct connect, but force clients to use a 'proxy'  access point, which is the only machine able to forward client´s request into the Internet access.

    Ask your networkadministrator for the correct name/pwd to get Java-based Internet access

    Some network administrators decide to let the proxy ask for client´s user name and password before opening Internet access for Java, especially if the request comes from an unknown private machine connect. Do you use a corporate worksatation or do you connect a private workstation to a corporate network ?

    All the best


    German Collaborate support

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