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Does anyone succesfully use Publish to produce videos of their Collaborate recordings? I've been trying to do this for a while but end up with very large file sizes (my web site limits file uploads to 20MB). The strange thing is that when I try to compress the files like I would do with any other .mp4, the files end up bigger than they were when I started!


If anyone has successfully used Publish to produce videos of a reasonable file size I'd be very interested to find out how you did it!

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  • I have converted MANY archives with Publish.  The URL of the original archive can be copied from the browser window and pasted into the top field of Publish.  After Publish checks the URL to confirm it is a Elluminate or Bb Collaborate archive then you can select the format you want it to output.  Let me know if this helps.  Check out attached image and you can find the user guide here:

    Publish UI.jpg

  • I am just starting on my journey of understanding and implementing the Publish tool for our recorded webinars. I have a few questions:

    1. is it best to output as mp3 or mp4 files?

    2. is it best to optimize for mobile (smaller screen size 640 x 480)?

    3. approximately how long does the conversion process take for 1 hour webinars?

    Grateful for any advice.


  • Blackboard has updated Publish! to v2.4 by July 13th (Release Notes)

    Might be interesting to compare results of reprocessing the sessions you´ve produced before.

    Generally, video files tend to become larger than storage limits. This is why youtube & co is very popular;-)

    Due to European privacy laws, we use a selfhosted 'Kaltura' video server to provide session recordings

    Please give us more details how you compress mp4 usually.

    All the best


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