Vroom after trial has expired

Hi everyone,

I have completed my trial and then got an email saying it has been converted to a Vroom and all I had to do was click the link below. When I click the link it says 'link is invalid'. Could anyone help me access my Vroom.



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  • Hi Guys,

    Is the free Vroom for 3 no longer available?


    Tony Smith

    • Hello,

      after more than a year, this issue is still not resolved. Nevertheless, Blackboard did contineously promise the availability of a 3 seat free vRoom after trial complet...

      Promising things without delivery seems not to be the best way to get new fans. Now, I came across of new information from Blackboard´s  internal support website. The article describing the VROOM issue is by June 30th 2014, accessible for Collaborate administrators only

      Bottom lining, this issue will not be fixed!.

      2 possible workarounds are suggested

      1. sign in for another trial period using a different eMail address.
      2. visit http://www.blackboard.com/Contact-Us/Contact-Form.aspx and call 800-424-9299 for a more permanent solution.

      At this time, I assume option 1. is just a way to fill the database with additional mail addresses, not clear how often to repeat until you get a vRoom by chance.

      Option 2. is curious, as you have to re-enter similar data as in the trial form. Anyway, this might be the only way to demonstrate, that there is a demand for such vRooms, for finding new fans of Collaborate , at least.

    • It doesn't seem to be, Tony. Nobody from Collaborate has every replied to this problem.

  • Any updates on this? Blackboard is notoriously slow (read: terrible) when it comes to just the basics of tech support, but 4+ months of this same error seems aggressively lax even by their "standards." 

    • My toplist of Blackboard support delays is lead by a 10 month taking reaction for one of my customers, posted 3 days after they signed a Collaborate contract..It did come together with the question, why the customer did cancel the renewal of his contract aftr 9 months. Too late :-) 

      My hint on this issue:

      At the time, where WeCollaborate was opened, Blackboard cancelled all vRooms requesting anybody to resign for another trial. Did you try that?


    • Never did hear back from anyone. I tried contacting directly, too. No luck.

  • Donna, the transition to a 3 seat free room is not working right now.   We'll update you when the issue is resolved.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Valerie.  Has this bug been fixed? I tried using my converted 3-seat VRoom and it's not working either. I'm going to be presenting on Thursday and would love to practice.  Thanks!

    • Thank you for replying. Much appreciated.


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