Web Tour needing FLash installed

Hi all -  hope that you can help.  A presentor wanted to show a voicethread,  but when loading it it indicated needed flash installed.  As well,  a web tour to a you tube video gave the same message.  It runs fine on computer,  and I have installed latest version,  but will not run  in BBC -  




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  • I'm not an expert here, but I believe the web tour pulls up websites using a local browser engine.  I'm guessing for Windows it is Internet Explorer, but that is a guess.  What this means is that you have to make sure that the browser engine that is driving the display of websites on your computer is updated with flash--and that may not be the case if you are using an alternate browser for your non-BBC web surfing.

    This also means that someone participating in your session, who's default browser does have flash installed, will see the web tour just fine...

    Hope that helps.

    • Hi Steve,  that does seem too be the case.  Hard to trouble shoot that I suppose.   I upgraded but it seemed to make no difference at my end. 

      Thanks for your help 


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