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Special Education Teacher


Arkansas Virtual Academy

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3 years

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  • Hi Desiree. I am glad you asked about the dice because I have made several new sets but just had not gotten the chance to share them with you or let you know they are out there. The dice file is at.00%20Dice.zip

    I made an interactive version of the verbs wbd (the one with the cat) I shared that can run individually in the media library (swf file). Take a look at it at http://justabitmoore.weebly.com/verbs.html. If you like it, For all the swfs, just click the swf download button and load up in to your multimedia library in Collaborate. Activate it to open the window that plays the file. The nice thing about these is that students play these individually so students that need more time can work slower and return to them over and over. After the math lesson, for instance, I keep some of these running in break out rooms, like centers, that the kids can freely chose to go to to keep working at a particular skill. This week, the months of the year has been a very popular one because I have several students trying to master the spelling of their months. I notice several students having some issues yet with spelling number words that require a hyphen. I will probably make something for that tonight.

    Here are resources for running an interactive spelling activity for adding -s -es-, and (drop the y add) -ies endings. That one is at http://justabitmoore.weebly.com/s-endings-plurals-and-verbs.html

    Sums of Ten Game is at http://justabitmoore.weebly.com/sums-of-ten.html. This one was a huge hit because even the students that have mastered their sums of ten found the strategy needed to make a triangle tested their mettle. There are about three cards that can be played in the wrong place making the triangle impossible, so they have to take care when they have more than one card that can play in the same place.

    Months of the Year is an interactive at http://justabitmoore.weebly.com/months-of-the-year.html. It teaches month order, how many days in a month, and probably most helpful - how to spell the month. The activities are interactive throughout the set.

  • Hi Desiree.

    I covered genres as only a one slide discussion in the Plot and Conflict presentation since most of the things that make them distinctive one from another is how the plot is carried forward for most of them.

    While I usually deliver the lectures in the online classroom, most of the time I create a recorded version too for any volunteer instructors that may teach the class in the future to know what I intended for each slide. Feel free to take a look at the plot and conflict presentation on VoiceThread - http://voicethread.com/share/5826/.

    Enjoy the Gopher Broke link too. That one makes for a terrific springboard for the discussion of plot and conflict.

    The slide set was made about 4 years ago so it isn't fancy, but if you want the wbd, I can send it along. Just let me know.

  • Hi Desiree,

    I haven't had much time to investigate how to put the WBD's from Whiteboard Warehouse.  I currently have them on the Coursesites website and will be happy to enroll you in that course so that you have access to all the boards.  Please send your email address to:  Sharri.godard@gmail.com.



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