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I was wondering if anyone here had got any experience/advice in using Prezi presentations in a Collaborate session?  I recently attended an online session in a competitor product (Adobe Connect) and was reminded of how great Prezi presentations can be, it ran smoothly.  I tried launching one of my Prezi presentations through web tour in a test Collaborate session and although I was able to navigate the presentation, my test student could not 'follow me'.  I instead tried application sharing my Prezi/web browser window, but the animated transitions were jerky and unwatchable.  Any advice?


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  • The jerky presentation of animated things in Blackboard Collaborate is a general weakness of this product inherited from Elluminate. Adobe Connect  works superior in that point (using a separate Windows application to be installed for moderators, which performs the Application Sharing tasks outside of Connect´s low-tech "Flash" basement): The Adobe product transmits the total frame as a snapshot undistortd, while Collaborate shares any frame in slices.

    The introduction of a frame-wise application sharing is a very old request for enhancement I do wait for a long time. Altough there might be workaround like the one Darcy has proposed for Prezi, a fix of this weak part of Collaborate must join the developer´s roadmap ASAP, as the current weakness is impacting any animated presentation one might want to use in today´s educational sessions.

    My main problem beside Prezi-like animated presentations is sharing a live session held in Second Life. In 3D worlds everything is animated somehow :-) No problem to give insights by use of Adobe Connect, but with my favorite classroom tool Collaborate: Currently no chance.

    Collaborate developers - PLEASE FIX THIS SOON


  • You can present Prezi presentations smoothly in Collaborate as well. However, you need to use the "Present Online" button (from your Prezi's page, next to the Edit button) to create a special URL. This special URL can be used in either Web Tour mode, or you can simply put it on the Whiteboard or Chat and have students open it in a separate browser window (although it will not be synced in the Recording, in the case of a link on Whiteboard/Chat).

    If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, you should be able to smoothly control the Prezi directly in Collaborate's Web Tour mode.  However, if you use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) it might be easier for the Moderator to control the Prezi in a separate browser window, since the Collaborate Web Tour window seems to be an Internet Explorer instance by default.

    In any case, using the "Present online" button on the Prezi page allows you to control the Prezi, while anyone with the special URL will be watching your Prezi in sync with the presenter.

    Note that there is a limit of 30 maximum simultaneous viewers, and the special URL expires 10 minutes after you (the presenter) close the presentation. There is much more information about the "Present online" feature here:


    Most of the confusion will occur on the presenter's computer, depending on which internet browser you're using, so practice practice practice!

  • I know people can't follow websites where a sign in is required. Have you tried making the Prezi publicly available for the duration of your session?
  • Blackboard Collaborate does not do well with Prezi.  Sorry!  

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